How do solar panels generate electricity

  • 2021-06-17
Now, more and more solar panels appear in people's field of vision. Solar power system, solar photovoltaic panels can generate electricity as long as they are exposed to sunlight, which is simply too convenient for power generation. I believe you will definitely want to know how solar panels generate electricity, that is to say, what is the power generation principle of the solar power system I bought? Today Mailely Solar will talk to you about the solar power generation principle of the most common solar panels and how solar power generates electricity.

The principle of solar power generation is as follows:
1. Solar cells directly convert light energy into electrical energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect;
2. Sunlight shines on the semiconductor pn junction, forming new holes called electron pairs;
3. Under the action of the pn junction electric field, holes flow from the n zone to the p zone, and electrons flow from the p zone to the n zone, and a current is formed after the circuit is turned on;
4. After each solar cell is connected in series, the electric energy is output to the battery for storage.

The above is about how people generate electricity from solar energy? What is the principle of solar power generation? Please contact us for questions about solar power systems.

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